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So I am still trying to get everything ready for Rowan's arrival. At this point it is a little daunting knowing that he could come at any time. So I finished the baby blanket, reposted a whole web site ( complete with a Rowan page that has pictures of the baby room. Now I am working on making some mixes of stuff to listen to while I am in labor. I found I have a lot of odd stuff in my music collection.
If only I could get that nesting thing, where I actually want to clean the house instead of looking at the house knowing I should clean it but don't.
The sun is out today.... I should go for a walk, but I don't usually make it very far...
David is working again. Hopefully they will ship this game soon.
I am irritated that our cat Abby has suddenly decided that he must pee of my throw rug. Several years of peeing in the litter box and now this... I don't know what to make of it. If it is sign that he upset with the changing dynamic of our household then I am don't want to find out what he is going to do once the baby is born.
I am getting to the point where I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. It is just so hard to get comfortable, especially since once I do get comfortable I invariably have to pee.
Anyways.. it is time to burn the CD, so I am off...


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