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Liam finally started rolling over onto his tummy last week.  At first he would just roll over then immediately spring back to his back.  Yesterday he hung out on his tummy for awhile before rolling back.  This morning he was hanging out on his tummy when I went to get him from his crib.  So definite progress.  So far he has no interest in crawling, but loves to stand.

Rowan is getting better and more interested in writing every day.  Yesterday he wrote each of us our own note (I love mommy, I love daddy, I love Liam).  It was very sweet.

I continue to be overwhelmed by the whole vegetable garden idea.  I want to create one, but it is a whole new frontier.  I think once I have it all underway it will be ok.  Just getting started is a bit daunting.
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So, Liam has been eating solid food for a little over a month now.  Mostly still on the single foods and oatmeal.  He makes the most wonderful faces when trying new foods.  He also has been able to intermittently roll over from tummy to his back.  He seems to be working rolling over from his back to his stomach, but can't quite manage to get his legs over.  For the last couple of days he has been able to sit up on his own.  It is really cute when he has been sitting there and suddenly just sort of falls over. 

Liam also has previously lulled us into a false sense of security.  He was sleeping through the night for about 2 1/2 weeks straight for awhile there in February, then.... not so much.  Of course we have been all off for the last week with the cold of doom which has jumped from Rowan to Liam to me to David.   fun, fun, fun

Rowan has been getting pretty good at writing his name and recognizing all the letters.  He likes to entertain Liam and make him laugh.  He is pretty anxious for Liam to be mobile so he can play with him.  At home he loves to play the passing game, in which he runs circles around the house and we count the laps.  When we get to a preset number then we have to catch him.

As for the rest of us....  I am still slowly on the job hunt.  I mostly still hyperventilate when I think of not being with Liam all day, but the job has got to happen sometime.  David is still enjoying his job and raiding with his new WoW guild.  We have been heading to the Library every week.  They just finished building a new Library and it is really nice.  We are all just looking forward to Spring and the warmer weather. 

Also I updated our website again (  I added more than just new Liam and Rowan pictures.  I updated the family picture pages for David and I and added a height/weight table for both kids.


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