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Liam finally started rolling over onto his tummy last week.  At first he would just roll over then immediately spring back to his back.  Yesterday he hung out on his tummy for awhile before rolling back.  This morning he was hanging out on his tummy when I went to get him from his crib.  So definite progress.  So far he has no interest in crawling, but loves to stand.

Rowan is getting better and more interested in writing every day.  Yesterday he wrote each of us our own note (I love mommy, I love daddy, I love Liam).  It was very sweet.

I continue to be overwhelmed by the whole vegetable garden idea.  I want to create one, but it is a whole new frontier.  I think once I have it all underway it will be ok.  Just getting started is a bit daunting.
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Time really flies....  Talk about procrastination...  I mean to post but then something comes up.   The last time I posted Rowan was 5 months old.  He is so big now.

Liam started to occasionally sleep through the night last Friday.  We are desperately hoping that it will continue.  Of course this means that I have run out of excuses for not looking for work.  I only wish I knew what I was looking for.  It would be easier if I could temp to hire (like last time), but you can't really do that when there is daycare involved.  It just cost to much without the promise of a steady income. 

Anyways...  I recently updated our website (, but it only current through November. Need to collect pictures from the holiday.  We were so good at taking (and posting) pictures with Rowan.  Seems like there is never enough time these days.

Well, sad as it may seem, it is past my bedtime.  Off to bed


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